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To DIY or Buy That is the question…..

DIY Valentines Day Project Ideas To Make With Your Cricut

Hi guys!

Do you think it’s better to DIY or buy?

I tend to lean toward DIY — no surprise there!

Last year, instead of buying a card at the store I made my fiance Ken a love coaster.

grab the free svg and follow the tutorial to make your own here.

The thing I love about crafting is just how inexpensive it can be, but it’s also just so much fun and rewarding too. I could have bought something, but I love making things and customizing it. (Did you check out the Valentine’s Day Starbuck cup I did on Instagram. Took me forever but I think it turned out ok?)

There are times tho when I think it’s better to buy than do it yourself. And I don’t just mean buy things, but experiences too.

Now I’m going to say Ken loved his new coaster (of course he did, I made it and if he said anything different then there’s trouble) but to be honest when it comes to Ken, and maybe you have a similar thing with your partner, is that he’s not really a lovey-dovey, let’s declare our love for one another on an object kinda guy. And when it comes to Valentine’s day I think he’d just much prefer to go out for a burger and a beer instead. 

Now, the love coaster has found itself a lovely home on a shelf in Bella’s bedroom, which is totally fine (no more DIY gifts for you Ken!) But, the issue is {$name} when you’ve spent a whole week with each other negotiating a prenup for your wedding next year…. I’m kinda thinking that actually, this Valentine’s day, it’s quite important to do something, anything that will scream ‘I freaking love you and will do forever, even when you’re old and fat’  

It’s now Friday, Bella’s back from school for the weekend with a hundred different birthday parties to attend which definitely leaves me zero time to craft anything so do I really want to stay up late Sunday night to craft him something that’s just going to end up in Bella’s room?


The solution I think this year……is to just buy the big kid a big box of sweets and a HUGE heart balloon (because it’s not every day you get a balloon right!?) 

And from now on all the lovey-dovey stuff can be thrown at my girlfriends instead. 

Take this love shadow box project I did. My friend Claire is a single mom and I think this and box of my famous homemade dark chocolate granola is just what she needs to be delivered to her Valentine’s Day morning.

feel free to download the free svg and follow the tutorial to make your own

What do you think? Is it better to DIY or buy? What are you crafting this weekend for Valentine’s day? And who is the lucky person you are gifting it to? Will they actually appreciate it!? That is the question……

Happy Valentines Day for Monday,

Jo x

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