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The Ultimate List of Cricut Storage and Organization Hacks for All Your Supplies

Have you ever wanted to start a crafting project, but gave up after the thought of having to find that lost weeding tool for the fifth time this week? Me too! Join me as I up our Cricut organization game with these easy DIY and convenient storage solutions!

Ok, I have a confession. I am not the most tidy person and when I get creative, all those juices start flowing and my whole craft space ends up looking like a right mess. Up until recently I have had the smallest corner of a room to craft in but then last month I finally kicked the fiancé out of our shared converted garage/office and it is now, solely, a Jojo and Bella Babe Cave Crafting Studio! Hurrah!

With this new space comes a brand new me! Gone are the days where I was crammed in the corner, projects sprawled all over the floor, drowning in a wall of vinyl. Now, I have a whole xxxxx square feet to spread my creative wings and it feels glorious!!!

The problem I’ve found up until now is that when nothing has a correct place to live you spend half your time searching for it and not actually getting any work done! This can be distracting and disturb your workflow but also make you feel discouraged and unmotivated to start the next project. It’s just so much easier to create when your space is clean and your tools and materials are organized. 

My new craft room isn’t huge, so its super important that I use a storage system that utilises the space effectively and makes my crafting life run smoothly. I need certain craft tools to be visible and make sure that all materials are tucked away properly so that they don’t get damaged and so I know they’re there and I don’t waste money restocking them.

So today I’m sharing some of my favourite Cricut storage ideas for my Craft studio and the craft rooms of some of my favourite bloggers. You’ll find lots of different ways to store your Cricut tools, paper and cardstock.

Craft Tool Storage

No idea where your weeding tool is? Always misplacing your scissors? These ideas for storing your Cricut tools will keep you from losing your tools…and your mind!

Peg board

My favourite thing in my craft room is my peg board. Not only is this the most handy organisation tool but it also makes all your craft tools look like a curated art wall display. I have the Ikea Skadis Pegboard. The great thing about this pegboard is they have a variety of different accessories and add on options so you can custom make your space to fit your needs and your specific tools/materials and make the most of your craft space. The Skadis pegboard has hooks, pegboard containers, shelves, bungee clips as well as pegboard clips. It is so convenient to have everything so easily accessible, plus it was easy to install and looks great. If you want more ideas for pegboard organization check out Kimbo’s run down here….

DIY Cricut Tool Organizer

As much as I love my Cricut Maker, the little storage tray it provides is just not big enough for my scoring wheel and deep cut blades. This handy organizer not only keeps your table tidy, but also limits the wear and tear that your tools roll around in a drawer. Jennifer Maker has an awesome DIY design here but I just love this DIY design by crafting in the rain….any excuse to use glitter! Stephanie shows how to make this handy tool organizer using chipboard.

Cricut Tool Organizer

If you don’t fancy making your own DIY tool organizer then there are several pre made machine tool holders and cases on the market. I love this version by Uniquely Why Not here but Cricut also sell their own awesome version. User-defined slots in the upper compartment provide space for up to 10 crimp tool housings

Cricut Maker Door Tray Blade Organizer

If you still want to house all your blades in your Cricut Maker Door holder then this awesome organiser is just your ticket. Uniquely Why Not have 11 gorgeous colors for you to choose from. There is also a DIY version here you can try too!

DIY Fabric Tool Storage Bins and Baskets

Angie Holden shows you how you can create these cute floral print storage bins for all your tools and supplies. Such a great idea!

Cricut Mat Storage Ideas

If you’re fed with dirty mats and loosing their covers try these Cricut Mat Storage Hacks!

Hooks on walls

Command strips are totally genius for making your Cricut Mat easily accessible! I have a small craft room so these work wonders utilising the space more effectively. Sweet Red Poppy shows you loads more hacks here….

Hooks on table or shelving

The great thing about command strips is that you can use them anywhere there is a flat surface. Many crafters store them on the side of their craft cupboards, tables and shelving. See how Kayla stores here mats here…

How To Store Your Cricut Machine

Craft Cart

Craft carts like Ann Marie’s are such a great way to store your cutting machine and printer. They are quite sturdy and make it easy to transport form room to room. This one can be found on Amazon. They come in black but I like this turquoise one. How about getting your DIY on and spray paint one to match the color scheme in your craft room?

DIY Rolling Cricut Craft Cart

Some storage solutions can be either too expensive or not great quality. If you are feeling thrifty create your own DIY Cricut cutting machine storage. You can create one that fits perfectly in with your space and houses all your cutting machine equipment in a way that works for you!

Small hutch

This set of drawers with a small hutch makes for the perfect place to have a Cricut machine. I love the vintage style of this one which adds some personality to the craft room.

DIY Craft Shelving

Ikea’s Billy Bookcase is such a versatile piece of furniture. They make a great addition to any craft room and can easily be adapted to suit your needs. I love this Ikea Billy book case hack which houses this cricut cutting machine perfectly and the added wall paper behind is so cute.

Iron On And Vinyl Storage Ideas

If you’ve ever wondered how to organize Cricut vinyl rolls or where best to store your HTV sheets then check these storage hacks which will sure speed up the process of crafting!

DIY Vinyl Roll Holder

This Ikea Trash Bag Holder is a must for storing vinyl. They can be hung from the wall again making more space for you to craft. Kimberly has loads more Cricut storage hacks to check out …

Ikea Vinyl Roll Drawers

Organize multiple kinds of Cricut vinyl with this Ikea set of drawers. You can label each of the drawers with what craft or supply is in them for easy reference and speedy crafting!

Vinyl Roll Storage

I prefer storing my vinyl flat but if the vinyl brand you use comes in rolls then this is a cute solution to keeping them organised. If you take the vinyl out of the packaging make sure you label the type of vinyl like Lia has done here.

Ikea Kallax Cube Storage

I love my Ikea Kallax units to store my craft supplies. I love them so much I have three of them in my house. These fabric cube divider baskets here are great for storing rolls of vinyl, they are easy to carry, very light, and very durable and hand hold at least 50 rolls of vinyl here.

Cardstock And Scrapbook Paper Storage Ideas

Keeping your scrapbook paper and cardstock organised can be a tricky business. It’s important to keep the paper flat and protected as its easy to get them damaged. Try these cardstock and paper storage hacks.

Wire Paper Racks

Organizing your cardstock and scrapbook paper can be a right nightmare unless you have an effective storage solution. Holding bundles of colored cardstock in a magazine rack or wire rack like this can help you see what color card you have and also prevents the card corners from bending. You can grab a rack from Amazon or read more for more inspiration…

Cardstock Holder Storage

I love my Kallax unit 12 x 12 cardstock paper holders. I brought mine here from Etsy but Lia Griffith used these awesome dividers by Stamp n Storage. They come in two different configurations and can store paper and card either vertically or horizontally.

Magazine Folders

Using magazine files can be a great way to keep your craft room clean and spacious. I love these organized in a rainbow color scheme.

Other Storage Ideas

Vinyl and Cardstock Scrap Storage

These simple wood trays stack on top of each other. You can store scraps by color or store them by type.

Cricut Easy Press Tote Storage Bag

This is really handy if you have a small craft room and nowhere to store your Easy Press flat. This makes it easy to tuck away it’s base, and it’s cord, so you can tuck under a desk or in a closet.

DIY Desk Organiser

Clear Drawer Organisers

These clear 3 drawer organisers make great storage solutions for any crafter. I love how you can quickly see everything in each drawer and of course you could easily and quicky craft some labels for it with your Cricut.

Final Thoughts

Aren’t these ideas great? I they help inspire you to create an organised craft room that is both fun and practical. I think my biggest piece of advice for organizing your craft space is to allocate your space evenly and effectively. Use your walls, find cabinets that will fit your space and adapt them to work for you. Now lets go get those Cricut supplies organized so that we can enjoy crafting even more and get all those beautiful projects out there!

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