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New Year, New Blank List and New Story for you…..

If you’re looking to find the best blanks and materials to use with your Cricut cutting machine then I think you’ll find this Free Amazon Blanks and Supplies List Pdf quite handy!

Hi guys,

A very, very, belated Happy New Year to you!

I hope your 2022 is going well and that you’re enjoying using all my free svgs and creating all the wonderful projects you had planned!

My January went completely tits up so if your’s was the same then let’s pretend January was our dress rehearsal and we can start afresh this month instead!

So far I definitely haven’t created as much as I wanted to, there’s just never been enough time in the day OR there’s alway been some life thing to get in the way.

One big distraction I’ve had recently was fighting so hard, the whole of last year, to get Bella into this amazing new school for children with speech and language disorders, to then SUDDENLY, get the green light and win her a place THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS! 

You might be thinking right now what the heck does this have to do with you, Amazon and crafting….bare with me, there is a meaning to this story…….

Starting the new year at this new school is a total miracle and an absolute game-changer for her quality of life (I’m still pinching myself, they will actually help her speak) However, said new school is too far a commute so Bella will have to board there, Mon – Fri. My daughter has basically flown the nest. At 7 years old, she has flown far, far away from me and to say that I might be grieving is a TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT.

Now Bella is the most social girl on the planet, so she’s absolutely fine, having the time of her life, barely misses me at all. I, on the other hand, am a total wreck. I suddenly find myself with all the free time I have ever, ever wanted and now I don’t know what to do with myself! 

My fiance keeps going on about us getting a dog (heck no) 

My mum says I need a new hobby ( is crafting not enough?) 

My best friend says I need to fully immerse myself in creativity (she’s a clever chicken)

The solution I have found myself is to totally, wonderfully, and quite obsessively shop my heart out and plot all the wonderful projects I’m going to make. I had great fun buying lots of wonderful blanks and sketching new ways to save them from boring kingdom. I got rainbow tumblers from Etsy, acrylic key chains, some awesome wood planks from here – UK peeps check them out. Spent an absolute fortune …..the perfect escapism to the horrible silence in my house.

Now, my new plan was to not buy anything from Amazon, they make enough money as it is, they don’t need any more of my hard-earned cash. This was all going very well up until 2 weeks ago when Bella brought home Covid from her lovely new school and I had to find ways to entertain her without leaving the house.

During this time I have ordered from amazon a whole 2 times so I don’t think I did too bad. The first was purchasing Bella some easy grip scissors (I’m desperate to turn her into a crafter). Unfortunately, I then had to confiscate them from her two days later after she hacked my lounge curtains to pieces (not just one curtain, 3 whole curtains) and then the second time was for some replacement Cricut blades…..Oh my goodness, that frustration when you’re all set up to DIY a Starbucks Cold Cup and the blooming machine won’t frickin’ cut through the vinyl. FYI, I did the aluminum ball hack. The ‘cut the design out twice thing’ did help but still, a lot of time was wasted and I don’t have the best patience. Amazon Prime delivery to the rescue. (I know I should have a different blade for different materials but I’ve just alway been too impatient. Lesson learned, I now have two lovely new blades, freshly nail polished: miss dark red for vinyl and miss pink for paper.)

So the resolution to my story is that with all this wonderful free time that I have had this month I have been able to draft 2 wonderful pdfs for you to help you on your blanks and supply searching journey. When you’re too busy taming a curtain cutting demon and when you want something quick and easy to refer to then here is your handy guide to help you on your way!

I’ve found some awesome deals to steal and I also reference the top reliable brands that I and my customers use over and over. So if you’re looking to try something different or are maybe you’re on a budget then do check it out. 

Download your time-saving Amazon Blank Supply List and VENDOR SUPPLIES LIST below ( I’ve included both UK versions and US versions) if you’re looking to find the best blanks and materials to use with your Cricut cutting machine

Now, gladly we’re all on the mend from Covid and Bella is back at school, with all this extra free time I promise to continue to create for you STRESS-FREE SVGS. I will try my best to provide you with awesome inspirational projects (fingers crossed every Friday), I’ll offer some quick solutions to all your Cricut tech problems (I’m thinking maybe Tech Tuesdays on Insta and FB?) and hopefully, show you some fun and encouragement along the way!

If you want to have a giggle at me while I try to articulate all of the above while learning how to edit videos please do follow me on Instagram or tiktok.

And if there is anything, in particular, you are finding challenging at the moment and preventing you from crafting the most awesome project please do drop me a message I’m here to help you!

All the best, have a great weekend,


P.S. My favorite quote at the moment:

“Being Creative isn’t a hobby it’s a way of life”

Download your time-saving Amazon Blank Supply List and VENDOR SUPPLIES LIST below ( I’ve included both UK versions and US versions) by signing up my emial list. You’ll also get first dibs on the free svg files I add EVERY week

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