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How to personalize mugs with your Cricut

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If you’re looking for a simple project that looks great…. then look no further! Our Liquid Patience mug tutorial will teach step-by-step how to turn a dull, white mug into a fun and crafty item or gift that can be used again and again! It’s so easy. Just cut your Liquid Patience design, adhere it to your mug and then coat it with dishwasher safe Modge Podge.

We love this personalized mug tutorial… and best of all you can download this design for FREE! So let’s get started!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘Liquid Patience’ SVG click here!

What you’ll need…




  1. Upload my free Liquid Patience SVG into Cricut Design Space. Highlight the image and insert it into your canvas. Resize the image to fit nicely onto the front of your mug. You’ll need a ruler or tape measure to do this.

2. The design is made up of two layers. The ‘Liquid’ text layer, and then the ‘patience’ layer. You will want to ensure that these layers cut in the formation you see them in on your canvas (one above the other). This will make the process much quicker! To get the design to cut as you see it – simply select both of the layers and click ‘attach’ at the bottom of the Layers panel.

3. Click ‘Make it’ and then select ‘vinyl’ as your base material.

4. Cut your permanent vinyl to size and load your vinyl onto your mat. You can use your scraper tool to flatten the vinyl down onto your green mat. This will reduce the likelihood of your fine-point blade tearing through your design. Cut!

5. Whilst your design is cutting, prep your mug. You will need to clean it with Isopropyl alcohol (90% or above). Dab some onto a lint-free cloth to rid the surface of dust and fibres. This will help your vinyl to stick. Don’t skip this step!

6. Weed your design using your weeding tool. Discard any elements that are not relevant to the design

7. Prepare your transfer tape. Place the sticky back on top of your design. Use your scraper tool to adhere both together. Peel away the design and very carefully place the design on your mug. Take your time to make sure it is centred! I used a tape measure and a pen mark to help me centre the design.

8. Scrape the design under the transfer paper to make sure it has all stuck down, then peel away the transfer paper.

9. Take your dishwasher-safe Mode Podge and paintbrush and follow the instructions on the back of the tub. You will want to give your design 2-3 coats and leave to dry in between. Don’t put it into the dishwasher until you’ve left it to cure for a month! Your design may come off if you wash it prematurely.

10. And there we have it. A JoJo & Bella project…giving you all the liquid patience you need <3

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