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How to create vinyl decal for your Cricut Machine

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Hey crafter… here’s an idea…. why not create cute custom decal FOR your Cricut machine? This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create a cute design for your cricut lid using adhesive vinyl. This one is gaurenteed to make you smile every time you start crafting!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘Watcha Making Llama’ SVG click here!




  1. Upload the ‘Whatcha Doing Llama’ SVG in to Design Space. Highlight the SVG and click ‘insert image’ to move it into your canvas area. The design will be preset to the correct size but do adjust as you wish.

2. Click ‘Make it’ and select ‘vinyl’ as your base material

3. Load the vinyl on to your mat and cut each element. You can choose whatever colors you wish for the llamas!

4. Weed each of your designs

5. Next, take your tweezers and begin layering the design of each of the llamas. Start with the white mouths and ears. Take each individual layer and place them on the llama as you see it in the SVG. Once you’ve done the white, layer the mouths on top and add the eyes. This process is so satisfying!

6. Next you’ll need to weed those pesky small letters for the speech bubble. To do this we’re going to use a process called ‘negative weeding’. This is the best thing to do for thin or small letters and will save you hours. Start by cutting come transfer tape to size and place it over your letters. Use a scraping tool on the front and back to make sure it has really stuck!

7. Peel back the white backing paper. You’ll be left with your design stuck to the transfer paper – sticky side exposed.

8. Use your weeding tool to carefully remove the unneeded vinyl around the letters. I find it helps to cut away the vinyl with scissors as I go to prevent it from falling on the design and sticking to it. Be patient with this bit. It’ll be worth it!

9. You’ll be left with your design which (in a minute) can be directly placed onto your machine!

10. You should now have the following. Cute!

11. Take your isopropyl alcohol and lint-free cloth and clean the lid of your Cricut. This is so important in allowing the vinyl to adhere…and you will be surprised how dirty your Cricut lid can get!

12. Get your transfer paper ready, cut it to size, peel it back and then place it on each element of your design. Don’t worry if your large text isn’t in the centre. In fact, it actually looks kind of good off-side as the other elements can pad it out!

13. And there we have it. I can now guarantee a little smile every time you open your Cricut machine to craft!

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