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How to create cute coloring card with your Cricut Machine

Free coloring in crayon svg and cricut tutorial

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This cute cactus coloring card is absolutely PERFECT for kids, and even adults who enjoy a bit of meditative coloring in! 😉 This project complete with a FREE downloadable SVG and template, with space to insert two wax coloring pencils. Choose this design or replace it with another from our library (LINK). It’s sure to be a hit!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘Cute cactus’ SVG click here!

What you’ll need…




  1. Upload the Cute Cactus JPG as a print and cut image into Design Space. Click ‘complex’, then ‘print and cut’

2. Upload the template

3. Insert both in to Design Space.

4. Resize your cactus JPG so that it fits around the scalloped template design like so:

5. Resize both to about 12cm wide (4.7 inches)

6. Click on the template layer and select ‘basic cut’ then ‘pen’. This is a cheat way to quickly rearrange the layers so that you can see the positioning of your cactus on the template (I’t’ll bring the Cactus image forward so you can see it!)

7. It should look something like this

8. Once you’re happy with the positioning, reselect ‘basic cut’ from the drop down menu

9. Click on the Cactus JPG layer and drag it to the top of the layer panel

10. Highlight all layers in the right hand panel and ‘attach’ so that they cut as one project

11. Click ‘Make it’ and then send the design to your printer. You cannot (and don’t need to) get rid of the thick black border around the design. Your Cricut machine will actually scan for this line in order to decide where to cut, so it’s very important!

12. Print the design on to your white card using black ink

13. Next, follow the instructions in Design Space, you will need to cut your design (hence, ‘print and cut’). Select ‘card as your base material. If you used light white cardstick (as we did), choose this option

14. Load the card on to your green or blue mat

15. Cut. As mentioned, your Cricut machine comes equipped with some clever technology! It’ll use lights to scan for that thick border and use the knife blade to cut directly along it!

16. Weed the Cardstock away from the design to revealed the scalloped template. Poke out the crayon holder holes.

17. Fold the crayon holders upwards. You can use your hands to do this,

18. Inset your crayons in to the holes

19. Color in!

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