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How to create a valentines day shadow box with your Cricut

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Love is in the air <3 show your special someone how much you care with this cute valentines day shadow box design! Use our FREE love arrows SVG demonstrated in this tutorial…or browse our love/wedding/valentines collection here to find the perfect design for you and your loved one. In this project, we will show you how to create rolled flowers (and trust me, once you learn how you won’t be able to stop!). If you are looking to make something that looks beautifully professional – look no further. The results really are…just….wow!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the FREE Love Arrows SVG click here!




  1. Upload the rolled flower bundle into Design Space. When you open the file you will see all sorts of cute designs. Each one will give you a different variation of the flower. Take your time to play around with these and see which design you like best! In this project, we used the blue ‘rolled flower ‘rolledflowers_3’ design as the rounded edges produce rose-like flowers.

2. Upload the SVG and resize. In my design I made around 5.5 inches wide.

3. Duplicate your flower (copy and paste) to create 2. You should be able to fit two o rolled flowers on 1 A4 piece of cardstock.

4. Click make it (top right) and then choose ‘light card stock’ as the base material.

5. To ensure that your design cuts seamlessly, check that your blade is sharp and free from dirt and debris (you can use a ball of tin foil to do this!) – to learn more, check out our post here (LINK)

4. Lay your first color on your mat. Use a brayer or scraper to completely flatten the paper against your mat. Not doing so can sometimes cause the blade to rip through your design. For best results, your card should be solid core (good quality and colored all the way through), otherwise, you will see white edges around your flowers.

5. Cut out the flowers and then weed. Weeding flowers is actually very quick and simple. just pull the excess card away like so!

6. Repeat until you have around 9 flowers. You can use 1 color card if you wish, however I think it looks great to choose a few different shades of pinks and reds to really make this project pop!

7. Roll up your flowers, from outside to inside. You may decide to use a quill tool to help you with this – or you can just use your hands. Roll tightly keeping your thumb and finger on the top and bottom of the flower to keep it all together. Practise makes perfect.

8. That round center part of your rolled flower will be the base. Roll until you get to the circle then let a little of the tension go. Take a small paintbrush and coat the round part with modge podge glue

9. Stick the rolled part on the circle and voila! You’ve made a flower! Keep going until you have 9.

10. Cut out some red glitter cardstock and place your mount over the top. This will be the background on which you will stick your rolled flowers.

11. Place a little modge podge on the back of each flower a stick the flowers to the glitter cardstock

12. This step is optional, but looks lovely! Add some adhesive pearls to the centre of your flowers. This can be a little fiddly, but use some tweezers to carefully place the pearls inside

13. Next, we will cut out our love arrows SVG which will be centred on the front of the shadow box. Upload the love arrows design in to design space and resize to fit the front of your shadow box.

14. To ensure that your design remains fixed in the correct position for cutting, highlight all of your layers and click ‘attach’.

15. Click on ‘make it’ and select ‘vinyl’ as the base material.

16. Load the vinyl on to your mat and cut

17. Weed your design with the weeding tool

18. Clean the front of your box frame using isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth

19. Apply your transfer tape, and rub with the scraping tool to ensure your design has adhered properly

20. By now the glue on your flowers should be dry! Place the flowers and mount on top of the backing of the frame (you can use a little glue or tape to adhere the two if they’re being difficult!). Put the back of the frame on your shadow box.

21. Flip it round and be amazed! You made that!

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