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How to create a HTV leather bookmark

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Make your very own metallic HTV bookmark with our FREE SVG and tutorial. This project is perfect for beginners and is so simple to do. Just cut out the bookmark using our downloadable template, and adhere this flower SVG using your heat press or iron! This design is so elegant and the shimmer or the metallic HTV against the black leather looks beautiful in the light. A perfect gift for a fellow bookworm!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘Flower’ SVG click here.




  1. Upload the ‘bookmark’ project file into design space. The project will contain our free ‘flower SVG’ as well as the bookmark design. The project will come size and ready to cut.

2. The bookmark template will cut first. When selecting the base material, click ‘all materials’ then find ‘genuine leather’.

3. Swap your blade from a fine-point to a deep-point blade as instructed in Design Space and get your purple strong-grip mat ready.

4. Load your leather on to the purple mat (fuzzy side up). Feel free to use scotch tape for extra hold if your mat’s a little worn.

5. Move all of your star rollers to the right. You should always do this when cutting leather. Not doing so will cause the rollers to mark your material.

6. Cut the template and remove the bookmark. Push out the little hole at the top which you will thread your ribbon through later.

7. Put your bookmark to one side for now while we go ahead and cut our metallic HTV. Design Space will automatically prepare itself to cut your flower SVG. Move your star rollers back into place and (IMPORTANT!) MIRROR your design. You must always do this when using HTV.

8. Place your HTV on the white side up, shiny side down and load it onto a green mat. Swap your blade back to the fine-point blade to cut out the SVG design and select ‘foil iron-on’ as your new base material. Cut your design.

9. Weed the design using your weeding tool.

10. Put your easy-press mat under the bookmark and prepare your heat-press. To get the correct settings for your heat device and material I strongly recommend you head to Cricuts official heat press guide and enter your materials exact here to get the correct settings. I pre-heated my bookmark for 5 seconds on 255F to rid the material of any moisture.

11. Once you’ve preheated, position your HTV on the bottom of your leather bookmark. Take your easy press and press (255F for 30 seconds worked well for this design).

12. Wait for the design to cool and then carefully peel off the plastic from on top of the design.

13. Lastly, cut some ribbon and thread this through the hole in the top centre of your design

14. Pick up your favorite book and get stuck in.

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how to create a leather bookmark with cricut
how to make a leather bookmark with cricut
how to make an htv leather bookmark with cricut

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