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How to create a foil card with your Cricut Machine

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Create a shimmery card with my free Breast Cancer Mandala SVG. I’ll show you step by step how to create a gorgeous card using a foil transfer kit. Just cut a circle, and foil on top. Why not use your Cricut pens to add a message to the inside? Let a friend know how much you’re thinking about them with our Breast Cancer Mandala SVG

You can easily cut and make our Breast Cancer Mandala project template by clicking here (LINK!) If however you would like to learn how to create the project from scratch then please read on!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘Breast Cancer Mandala’ SVG click here!




  1. Create a new project in Design Space and draw two circles at a size of approx 4.5 inches wide (each)

2. Move the circles so they are *just* overlapping. Click ‘align’ and then ‘centre vertically’ to ensure the two circles are level with one another.

3. Next, you’ll want to upload and insert the ‘Breast Cancer Mandala’ SVG. resize and place in the centre of the right-hand circle. Highlight the right-hand circle and the Mandala SVG, then select ‘align’ and then ‘centre’ to move the SVG into the middle of the design.

4. Highlight the two circles and click ‘weld’. This will be the outline of your card! You’ll see that your Mandala SVG will be hidden behind the design. Don’t worry, we’ll adjust this in a bit. The overall car will be around 9 inches in width. Of course the size is completely up to you!

5. Click on ‘shapes’ again and then ‘score’. Draw a score line down the centre of the two circles. This will later create a straight line to fold your card.

6. We now want to make the Mandala SVG visible. To do this, click on the Mandala layer at the bottom and drag it to the top of your layers (above the scoring line) like so:

7. Next, we want to tell Cricut that we are going to foil our Mandala design and not cut it! To do this, click on the Mandala SVG layer and select basic cut, foil, and then choose ‘fine’. You’ll see your design change! Fine, medium and bold are all different tips included in your foil transfer kit. Try clicking on different thicknesses and see which one looks best! Fine is usually best for intricate designs whereas bold is best for larger more simple SVG’s.

8. Highlight all 3 of your layers and attach them (click attach at the bottom of the layers panel). This ensures that they cut us 1 project…and not on 3 separate mats.

9. Click ‘make it ‘ and follow the steps as instructed in Cricut Design. The left-hand panel will tell you in what order your design is going to be made. Here it says it will be scored, then foiled, then cut.

10. Select medium cardstock as your materal (or that appropriate to the material which you are about to cut)

11. Load your scoring wheel/stylus, and place your card upon your mat. Click the little flashing ‘C’ and watch as Cricut creates a score line.

12. Unload your mat and prepare your Cricut transfer foil. This is actually very simple. Lie it over the area of your card (pink up, silver down) where your design will be placed. You can see where on your mat this will be by looking at the cut preview window. Use the tape included in your foil transfer to tightly stick the foil over the paper. The key is to make sure that the foil is taught and will not move around during the foiling process.

13. Load the mat and swap your scoring wheel/stylus for your foil transfer kit. Pay close attention to the stripes at the end of the foil transfer tips. 1 stripe = fine, 2 stripes = medium, 3 stripes = bold. If you chose ‘fine’ in design space, then insert the 1 striped fine tip n to the foil transfer housing and then insert into your Cricut.

14. Press ‘C’. Your Cricut will now physically push the foil into your card in order to make that pretty, shimmery foil design.

15. When finished unload your mat and peel off the foil and discard. Pretty!

16. Swap your foil transfer kit to a fine-tip blade ready to cut your circular card. Insert the paper and click the little C to cut (in the video I use a deep-point blade as my fine-point was a little on the bunt side!). Your card will cut like so:

17. Steps 17 to 23 are optional, but why not add a nice message inside your card using your Cricut pens? To do this return to your canvas and create some text. You can change the font to a nice handwriting font by clicking on ‘font’ in the upper panel

18. Detach the original design and then delete the SVG and scoreline from your card. Position and attach the text to the rest of the design in its place.

19. Select ‘basic cut’s the upper panel, and then ‘pen’. This will tell Cricut that we are going to use the pen tool to draw onto the design (and not cut it out).

20. If you dislike the font, you can change this by clicking on the drop-down menu under ‘font’ in the top menu bar. Some of these you will have to pay for so be careful! Click on system for all the freebies.

21. Click make it and insert your pen in to Cricut clamp A.

22. Peel your design from the card surrounding it and physically flip your design over. Place back in its little slot on the mat.

23. Load the card and follow the instructions to write on to your card

24. Unload your mat and fold your card along the score line.

25. Take your self-healing mat, your craft knife/rotary cutter and a ruler. You’ll want to make a small cut at the bottom of your card in order for it to stand up

26. Fin.

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