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How to create a feather garland with your Cricut

How to create a paper garland with your cricut free svg and tutorial

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Make yourself bright a beautiful garland using just colored card, fairy lights, and our FREE feather SVG bundle! This project is so quick and simple to create and will look FAB at a party or in boho themed bedroom, day or night! Just cut out the feathers and attach them to some cute fairy lights. We’re sure you will love this easy garland tutorial and project!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the FREE Tribal Feather SVG bundle click here!

What you’ll need…




  1. Upload the Feather SVG bundle into Design Space. There will be 3 separate SVGs in the file. Choose all 3 and click ‘insert image’ to upload them to your canvas.

2. Resize your SVG to make each feather between 6-6.5 inches in length. Click make it (top right) and then choose ‘light card stock’ as the base material. The size of your feathers should allow you to cut all 3 feathers on one piece of A4 card.

3. To ensure that your design cuts seamlessly, check that your blade is sharp and free from dirt and debris (you can use a ball of tin foil to do this!) – to learn more, check out our post here (LINK)

4. Lay your first color on your mat. Use a brayer or scraper to completely flatten the paper against your mat. Not doing so can sometimes cause the blade to rip through your design. For best results, your card should be solid core (good quality and colored all the way through).

5. Cut out your SVGs. If you see that the blade has not cut entirely through your card then BEFORE unloading, press that little C again on your machine to get it to do a double pass (cut again).

6. Flip your mat over and bend the mat away from your design in order to remove it. This will ensure that your card remains flat and does not bend.

7. Use your scraper tool to scrape off the remaining pieces of the card into the trash.

8. Repeat steps 2-6 using another color. You should continue to cut until you have around 16-20 feathers.

8. Take some using scotch tape fold a small portion of each of the feathers around the fairy lights. You can use some scissors to tidy this up if you need to.

9. Stick the tails of the feathers directly onto the fairy lights. For best results, alternate the colors, SVGs, and direction of the feathers.

10. Carefully hang or pin the the lights on the wall….and power on!!

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