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How to create a farmhouse pillow using your Cricut Machine

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We absolutely love this HTV Farmhouse animal project design! I made this HTV project for our living room and it really brings in that country feel to the home. In this tutorial, we will give you the FREE animal farmhouse tower SVG and a link to an exclusive JoJo & Bella font to incorporate into your design!

This design comes with a personal and commercial license to use up to 250 made items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. To download the free ‘farm animal tower’ SVG click here!




1. Download a font you would like to use for this project. We used our ‘Robbie’ font from our Craft Party bundle

2. Double click on your downloaded font file. Then double click on the .TFF file within it

3. Click on ‘install font’. Then CLOSE design space completely and restart so that your new downloaded font appears in your font list.

4. Open Design Space and then upload the ‘farm animal tower’ SVG. Highlight the SVG and click ‘insert image’ to move it into your canvas area. Resize the SVG to fit the front on the front of your pillow. For my 17×17 inch pillow, I made the design around 11 inches high.

5. Select ‘text’ in the left hand panel and then type ‘Mooo’.

6. Click on ‘font’ in the top panel, then ‘system’. Type ‘Robbie’ in to the text box to find your newly downloaded Font.

7. This will change your ‘Mooo’ font to the Robbie Font. Highlight the text and change the font to white (so that you will be able to see in on your black design)

8. Resize and reposition the text so it fits on top of the cows body

9. Repeat steps 5-8 this with 2 new pieces of text that say ‘Oink’ and ‘Cluck’ in the Robbie font. Reposition both on top of the pig and chicken.

10. Next, we will cut the text out of the design. Highlight the ‘Mooo’ text and the SVG. Click on ‘slice’

11. Delete the slice results. That is, the original white ‘Mooo’ text, and the black ‘Mooo’ that has just been sliced out from the SVG. This will create a ‘Mooo’ shaped hole through the SVG when you cut your design! REPEAT for the ‘Oink’ and the ‘Cluck’.

12. Click on ‘Make it’ and make sure to MIRROR your design. You must always do this when using HTV.

13. Select ‘every day iron on’ (HTV) as your base material. Make sure you fine-point blade is ready to go.

14. Load the black vinyl onto your mat and cut. Make sure you load the HTV onto the mat shiny side up.

15. Weed your design

16. Put your design to one side while you prepare your Easy Press. To get the correct temperature settings visit Cricuts Official Heat Guide and enter in your materials and mat type.

17. Prepare your heatproof mat and lay the pillowcase on top. Pre-heat pillow (I pressed for 5 seconds at 340F to remove any moisture from the cotton canvas). Sometimes it can help to fold the pillow in half before pre-heating. This creates a line down the centre of your blank allowing you to centre your design more accurately.

18. Place the SVG on your pillow in position and press for 30 seconds at 340F. Make sure the HTV is completely cool before removing the plastic liner.

19. Flip your entire design over so the back of the pillow back is facing up. Heat for 15 seconds. This will ensure the design lasts for longer!

20. Stuff the case with a pillow, and voila!

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